Esthetique Med Spa: Your Sanctuary for Beauty and Relaxation

About Esthetique Med Spa

Esthetique Med Spa, established in 1995, has been consistently recognized as an A-List Favorite spa for many years. Renowned for its European spa services, the spa primarily offers a range of relaxing treatments, including nail care, massages, and European facials, earning the admiration of local clients. In our latest endeavor, we are transforming into Esthetique Med Spa. This rebranding emphasizes a shift towards medical-grade treatments that address a variety of skin concerns. Our new services include acne clearance, skin resurfacing, anti-aging therapies, and skin tightening and lifting procedures.

Esthetique Med Spa was initiated by the owner's passion for skincare and commitment to evolving alongside technological advancements. Our mission is to offer professional solutions for various skin concerns, ensuring clients receive effective results. We tailor treatments specifically to the unique needs of each client. To achieve this, we operate with a team of skilled professionals.

With two decades of experience in the aesthetic industry, the owners possess extensive knowledge about the latest technological advancements. We have received training directly from the creators and innovators of aesthetic machines in Israel. Our background includes marketing and sales in the Asian market and managing a spa in British Columbia for three years. Additionally, we have been distributors of premium aesthetic devices. After acquiring the Day Spa in October 2023, we rebranded to establish a renowned medical spa in the region.


Dilpreet Kaur, Owner

Dilpreet Kaur, co-owner and an expert in medical devices and customer service, has five years of experience. Her journey in aesthetics was driven by a passion for staying updated with the latest technologies in the field. In her leisure time, she enjoys strolling.

Kristine Reyes, Owner

Kristine Reyes, with 25 years in the skincare industry, is the owner who began her journey after being recruited by an Israeli company for marketing. Her interests lie in clinical research and technology updates, fueling her passion for skincare advancements.

Ivy Macarayan, Laser Technician

Ivy Macarayan, a Laser Technician, combines her five years of experience with a deep knowledge of medical devices and certification in laser treatments. Her love for skincare products sparked her career in skincare, and she enjoys traveling in her time.

Luba Shults, Technician

Luba S, a Technician with five years of experience, has earned acclaim for her facials, massages, and nail care treatments. Her journey in the field began with an interest in body treatments, and she also has a passion for cooking.

Shegofa Ahmadi, Technician

Shegofa Ahmadi, another skilled Technician with five years in the industry, excels in providing body treatments, including massages and scrubs. She is praised for her knowledge of facials and nail care. Her passion for skincare and spending time with her two boys define her personal and professional life.